Value of Innovation Workshop

This weekend, one of the biggest conferences in medicine is taking place: the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Conference.  On June 1, just prior to the conference commencing , I participated in an interesting half-day workshop in Chicago centered around better understanding of the value of innovation in oncology. The workshop was sponsored by Celgene and included health economists, physicians, policy researchers, patients, and patient advocates in both panel presentations and discussions.  The discussion centered around how diverse stakeholders value innovative cancer treatments.

Below is a picture from the panel presentation, where I discussed how the Innovation and Value Initiative‘s Open-Source Value Project’s more adaptable, flexible, transparent approach to value measurement.  My panel was moderated by Anupam Jena of Harvard University.  My co-panelists were Peter Neumann of Tufts University and John Romley of the University of Southern California.  The former discussed how value frameworks are currently being used and the latter discussed a number of novel value components.  It was a great event and I was honored to participate.


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