MacArthur “Genius” Fellows announced

This year’s MacArthur “Genius” Fellows were announced today.  While there is a great diversity of amazing individuals receiving the grants, I will focus on those related to the health care space:

  • Amy Finkelstein: health economist, at MIT, who is formulating robust experimental designs that provide data-driven guidance for innovations in health care theory, policy, and delivery
  • Gregg Gonsalves: epidemiologist at Yale, and global health advocate, working at the intersection of human rights and public health research and practice to correct disparities in global public health responses
  • Clifford Brangwynne: biophysical engineer, at Princeton, using the principles of soft matter physics and cell biology to illuminate the mechanisms of cellular compartmentalization that drive biological development
  • Livia Eberlin: bioanalytical chemist, at Univ. Texas-Austin, developing mass spectrometry–based imaging methods to differentiate more quickly and accurately diseased from healthy tissues during surgery.  She has even developed, Open mHealth, an open-source software architecture to integrate various types of small data and be used to build customized applications that address specific health conditions.
  • Deborah Estrin: computer scientist, at Cornell Tech, designing open-source platforms that leverage mobile devices and data networks to address socio-technological challenges and improve access to personal health data

Amy Finkelstein is one of my favorite health economists and we have covered her work on this blog extensively.  For more information on all these fellows, visit the

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